I am thinkin of puttin on a set of Dunlop 606's sizes offered at Rocky Mountain MC are 90/90X21 front and a 120/89X18 rear. I want the rear end to have a BEEFY looking sized tire - vice the wimpy sized OEM

what size do I need to order for the rear to get a beefier look will the aboved named tire do it, I hate riding my 650L off in da woods as it slips and slides lik crazy the Bridgestone OEM trires are not good for much except keeping it off the rims.

I have a 140/80 x18 on my L now and it is beefy. (metzler)

I thought I might give you one more outlet for your tires.

When I was shopping they had the best deal after you factored in delivery and such. I think I got the tires in about 4 days after ordering, it was pretty fast. I put Pirelli MT21's on my bike and I'm pretty happy with them. I think the Dunlops are a good tire too though.

I used standard 90/90 and 120/90 on my bike, the back could have been a little bigger but not by much. I can see where my tire rubs the shock guard after some hard riding, other guys might not have that issue but I sure noticed it.

You can see what they look like on my bike if you go to my garage and click on the xr650r.

Hope that was helpful.

the 606 is now available in a 130 ... you might give a call to RockyMt. and see if they started stocking it since their catalog came out ... as far as the fat rear tire ... there's something called 'handling', and looking like the latest Harley taildragger with the rear tire wider than the bike ... well, figure it out .. :thumbsup:

i use the 606's on mine. the 90 front, and 120 rear from rocky mountain.

i'll have to check out that other one 767 brought up.

i ride every day over 100 miles at about 90% pavement, and 10% dirt.

i can get about 2.5-3k miles on the rear and about 3-3.5k on the front.

those tires haven't done me wrong yet...

This is my 99 650L with a Dunlop D606 130/90 18. It's pretty close to the chain guard, but hasn't been a problem. Hope this helps.


I have run the 606 on my plated xr 650r and I think it lasted two rides before it was 75% wore out. Then I tried some brigstone dual purpose tire the guy at the shop sold me, same thing the hp's just ripped it up. Now I just order Chin Ching 755's front and rear from rocky mountain. 18 bucks for the front and 31ish for the rear ( and you can get it 5inches wide talk about beefy looking). I have gone through 3 or 4 sets now and they last longer than the expensive tires. I try to take it easy on the road when they are new because the rear knobs are so tall and agressive they tend to fold over a little bit. That is the only draw back but they are cheap, great off raod and you get two tires shipped to your door for 55-60 bucks( less than one of the other tires before shipping).

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