Heres an interesting 650l for yall...

I like it. Bet it cranks through the curves pretty weel, with the LCG. You guy hate cause it is different? bah.


I dont exactly hate it, but i certainly dont love it either. I can certainly respect the amount of work & ingenuity it took to complete.

All pigs are cool, but their owners certainly have some unique styles...

I wouldnt want to ride it though, bet that exhaust would slow roast your right butt cheek.

No hill to steep!

Y'all just ain't ridin'r right!


vertical cliff maybe?

I think its an "R" model

HA HA HA !!!

vertical cliff maybe?

3 feet of vert at the top of a hill, coming down or going up is not an issue if you know whatch're doin'!


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