External coolant tank broken

I went out for a ride yesterday on my '05 WR450 and took a rather large leap off of a washed out road and colapsed my rear suspension to the point of cracking my remote coolant tank. Any one done this one before? I really don't want to tighten up my suspension because it is set right for my "Normal" riding but there are occasions where there is the "OH SHIT!" drop off or the "OMG!" hill that sends you 10 feet in the air.

Has anyone moved or removed the remote coolant tank? If you moved it where did you put it? Are there alternatives to the remote coolant tank

A lot of TTrs have removed the overflow tank. As long as you dont ride the really tight slow overheating kind of stuff you shouldnt have any isssues with removing the tank and re-routing and shortening the tube up front.

You might want to consider running Engine Ice or something like it. Just in case.


You should be able to bottom out your suspension without harming your overflow tank. If your overflow tank took a hit when bottoming your suspension, then something was setup wrong. On my 05 WR450 the tank got pushed in a bit from a hit to the side panel and now rubs against the tire a little when it bottoms out. Maybe your tank was pushed in. I plan to heat up the mounting tabs on the tank and bend it back out. My buddy mounted his KLX's coolant recovery tank with the tab on the wrong side of the mount (too close to the centerline of the bike). It was rubbing on the tire after jumps and eventually rubbed a hole in the tank.

Mine is an 03 model and was used for supermoto racing before I had it. The racing team had removed the overflow tank. Since I've had the bike, I've run it for some time without the tank and it hasn't really been a problem.

There was one occasion where I had been riding on the road for some time and was stuck in traffic. I had a little bit of overflow due to expansion resulting in fluid loss on the tarmac. It was only a slight amount and once I got underway it was fine.

I am however putting the tank back on, because of this reason. I do use it on the road a lot in supermoto guise, but I don't see it as a necessity; more like a just in case step.

I certainly wouldn't get worried about not having one. Provided that you keep a regular check on your coolant level and your cooling system is healthy.



I certainly wouldn't get worried about not having one. Provided that you keep a regular check on your coolant level and your cooling system is healthy.

:thumbsup: Just keep an eye on the levels, and maybe use a really good coolant like engine ice as mentioned, and the evans NPG-R stuff is exellent as well.

My mates YZ's (don't have coolant bottles) have stopped boiling over with Evans, my bike likes the stuff too. I still have the bottle, just piece of mind, plus I have pulled a few people out of the shit when they have boiled their bikes.

You can use your camelbak water in a pinch too.

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