auxilary lights on wr 426

Got an idea of extra lights on my wr 426.

2x 12volt/20watt cateye mountain bike lamps mounted at the side of the headlamp on brackets via a switch on the bars.

my bike does`nt have a battery so was thinking of rigging one up and charging off the stator via a full wave rectifier after the regulator just to power these two lights, the standard a/c set up will still be used for the standard lighting, what are the pro`s and con`s if any with this set up, has anyone done something like this before.

would appreciate any feedback.


My riding buddy Dave Dialogue swears by his Trail Tech helmet lights. He rides on the Sand dunes at night with them. Dual set up runs about $250 and single runs about $150.


See where you look - not where your bike is pointed.

Trail Tech helmet mounted HID lights put out 76 watts of halogen equivalent light while only drawing 13 watts per light (26 watts total).

Custom designed for a perfect fit on motorcycle helmets.

Break away connectors stay together even in harsh racing environments but come apart in the event of a crash.

Helmet Lights make cornering at night as easy as cornering during the day.

Helmet lights see into holes / whoops.

Can be run from the bike's DC electrical system or battery operated.

Easily moved between different helmets.

HID lights require DC power.

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