XRL rear Tail Light

Ok since I'm the new kid on the block I can ask questions that's been asked over and over eh'

I've been looking at ideas to replace the rear tailight on my 06' L model. I kinda like the OEM XR model rear tailight. Does any one know if it's a plug and play or is there an aftermarket tailight that fits well onto the "L" rear fender.

I alos had thoughts of replacing the rear fender along with the tailight for the XR model. I can machine/fabricate a license plate holder so that's not a concern.

Has anyone done either of the two tailight installs, and if so, please post a photo.


XR assembly is a running light only.

XRL is a DOT running/brake light.

XR assembly is non-DOT.

XR assembly is simply not visible to harried soccer moms wielding a WOT 5-ton death barge on wheels.

If I wanted to swap out my '06 L's light for something else, I'd go for an LED of equal or (much) greater visibility. TONS of LED possibilities out there. Google 'em.

Keep in mind the reduced amp draw an LED has vs an incandescent filament. You'll need some type of in-line resistor to keep the flasher relay happy if you go with LED turn signals as well.

Also, many states require white light for the tag. LED's, being highly directional, may not shed much white light like an incandescent does.


All good points and how right you are. I forgot about the XR being a running light only. There is a tailight on the 4strokes only site that looks interesting. I thought questioning others may be helpfull for my entended purpose.

Being a commutor on two wheels, I am well versed in the doging of cell phone clad soccer moms.

The purpose of this bike is to leave it at our mountain home and trail ride from there which is less than a 10 minute pavement ride. I considered getting the R but I need to have the option of being HWY legal.

ACERBIS Dual-Sport tailight/license combo ... available at rockymountainmc, or possibly here at the Thumper Store ...


I have one of these on my Baja Designs-kitted 250R. Not a bad unit, at all. I do see that the stock XR650L unit is much brighter/prominent. I've always felt this Acerbis unit was more of a bare minimum, at least for my taste.

Thing about the LEDs these days, is that some are _very_ bright, and the rate at which they go from off/on/off (attack/decay?) is very attention-grabbing; a good thing in traffic.

check out my set up in the garage bought at rocky mountain for about $30.00 the fender has a place for a plate and a brake and runnig light :thumbsup:

On my XR650L I used a Baja designs DOT approved LED light and license plate holder all in one. I used one of these and a 00/01 CR250 rear fender (I had the fender lying around) this set up mounts to the bottom of the CR fender, also I noticed that Maier lists a Xr600/650L rear MX fender this fender should look like the CR fender and the Baja designs light should work with this fender also. :thumbsup:

You can try 4strokesonly.com and see if the Honda XR OEM replica brake/tail light combo is available. If you can get it that's the way to go. I tried and didn't have any luck a couple of years ago. It's a direct bolt on replacement combo unit that's not DOT legal, but it is very sano and not very many cops know (or really care about) the difference.

Me, I'm running the small Maier (older) XR-style brake/tail light combo. It's not a perfect fit, but it's secure, low-profile and doesn't blow bulbs like some others do.

I bought the Baja Designs clear LED taillight without the black plastic fender mount, it has a license plate illumintator. I fashioned up a simple aluminum bracket to mount the light and the license plate. Very clean and cheap. The turnsignals mount up under the rear fender and just behind the LED tail.

I've been eyeballing the big LED truck taillights at NAPA- that and a few white LEDs to illuminate the plate.


I replaced my L tail light with the 650 R lense and it looks great. You can cut down the stock XRL tail light and use just the socket and bulb. If you cut the socket down it will just fit under the lense. All you need to buy is the OEM lense and mounting screws for any year XR/600/250/650,$12.00,there all the same.Then mount your liscense plate with the two holes left in the fender.The great thing about a bike that doesnt ever change is ,there's alot of crossover parts.Virtually all XR600R parts will fit the 650L.

My acernis taillight is all ways giving me problems . I just ordered that LED light from baja desighns with a maire fender hope this works. If you cant get one of those XR replica lights there not that good consider your self lucky. They are not very bright.

Thanks for the options and pics gang. :thumbsup: I've made a decision and placed my order for the Arcebis enduro tail light / plate holder.

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