larger tank needed.

I hope this is not wrong to post this here. If it is I appoligize.

I was just wondering. Any of you guys out their have a large capacity tank laying around for an 05 WR450 you would like to sell? Doesn't matter to me what kind or color. I would like Blue but beggars can't be choosers. Anyway if you do please PM me with a description and price with shipping to Colorado 80104.

Thanks in advance Rich.

3.3 Gallon Acerbis available in blue, natural and white. $200. average price and is very popular here on the WR Forum. Good features and I can attest to the quality and toughness of the plastic tank. Accessories items around the tank are cheap but easily replaced. :thumbsup:


I am getting geared up for the Moab ride in April. I will be plated by then. A larger tank is in order. But I am cheep and looking for a deal. I thought their might be someone on here that has tried 1 or 2 and has one sitting around they didn't like for whatever reason. My family is coming with me in April. We need to make reservations soon. I hope to get a cabin in Canyon Lands camp ground.

Thats where we will be staying. Check E-bay for Clarke or IMS tanks. Or for that matter a stock 2003 WR450 tank might work it had 2.6 gallon capacity. I sold mine. :thumbsup:

Will A 426 Tank Fit?

Will A 426 Tank Fit?

It may fit the frame. But I dont think anything else will fit.

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