LED brake light brightness pic...

As promised, pic is same bike cropped, not that rich, looks alot more impressive in person, it hurts your eyes from behind the bike even at 30 feet.


How is it when you aren't directly behind it? Understand thats the problem with them unless the reflectors is done very well. Very bright from behind, but very dim when seen from an angle.

It is still bright from an angle because the LED light lights up the lense very well, it only hurts your eyes when viewed direct on.

Cool thanks for taking the time to post that. :thumbsup:

That's cool

Anybody seen the LED taillights that have turn signals built-in? Amber LED's on the ends, really bright taillight/ stoplight in the middle, one or two clear/ white ones facing downward as the lic. plate lights. Probably not DOT legal but close enough, at least for just linking up trails...

I saw these when I was doing research/ planning my dualsport conversion, but they were really pricey. Can't remember now where I saw them, but hopefully they've come down in price or there are a few different ones now. Anyone seen 'em?

Go to the link that I have provided and in the bike type put sportbike and the category put taillights. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Hope that helps for one. I am thinking about it for my bike. Tony


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