go ride in the snow

I tried to go riding in the snow a few days ago, and it is next to impossable! Any riding tips?

Originally posted by Speedy_G:

I tried to go riding in the snow a few days ago, and it is next to impossable! Any riding tips?

Use studded tires. Bare knobs are very slippery but with studs you get grip as good as on gravel, maybe even better. I rode last weekend about 500 km on curvy snowy gravel roads. Altough my cheeks got frostbitten I enjoyed very much. Particularly when passing cars that wanted to race a bit.


we went twice, once I rode my wr, I found out 4 strokes don't go to good in the snow . The next time I took my husky wxe360, it was a blast.

we don't have studs, but we still where climbing some smaller hills.

for what ever reason the 4 stroke just does'nt go as good as the 2 strokes...

one guy had a yzf, he turned around and went home to get his brothers yz 250..

Speedy- the only way to ride in the snow around here is on a snowmobile.If you must ride your bike in the winter,short sheet metal screws (with a hex head)screwed into the knobbies work well for traction. They are available at heating supply outlets and are used for furnace duct work.If you want to use something a little bit more durable, you can order "ice screws" from your local dealer.They are basicaly sheet metal screws with carbide chips soldered to the top. Install as many as practical in each knob using artificial turf adhesive or something similiar.Believe it or not you will be able to pull wheelies on ice with this kind of set up when the screw heads are fresh.You would also probably want to re-jet for the colder temperatures,especially if riding a two stroke,unless you enjoy buying pistons.....

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