Hello all,

Haven't been on here in a while. Anyhow, I am looking for a part for my Edelbrock. I seem to have broken the pump shaft on the carb and now it is a bit on the worthless side of the spectrum.

If anyone has this part lying around or has a part number I would really appreciate the info.




Sunny gets a hot new girlfriend...they move in together....and becouse he doesnt get to ride anymore the carb gets salt corrosion and freezes up?:thumbsup:


Might be time to have the carb re-built. good idea every few years--especially if ya live by the salty sea.

I've had a pump or two stick from salt corrosion. I am guessing your issue is the same?

Not sure but i think there are different pump shafts. Might be worth calling edelbrock. They have awesome customer service. If ya need someone up here to do it--let me know.

I'm on for the Dos Mares 500. See ya then!

Man you are good. That pretty much sums it up!!! Small world...you been talking to J.

Anyhow, it wasn't seized up, it is a little bent and then I think as a result it broke. I am going to try and call Edelbrock in the morning. Denise got me a guys number over there that I am going to try and find.

I went through it today and cleaned it out. Everything looked in pretty good shape. It has been relegated to a pre-run bike now so I don't think I want to spend the cash to get it re-built. I might buy a new one for the race bike though.

Anyone else coming down for the Dos Mares? They are re-naming it the Cabo 500 this year and are trying to bring in some big names from the US. The route will run from La Paz up to Constitution and then back down the Pacific coast down to Cabo. Should be a great race. I am looking forward to the ride.

Talk to you all later.


Just a quick follow up. Talked to Chris at Edelbrock and he is shipping me a part as we speak, free of charge. Great service.

Go out and buy one. It is worth the money. You can get 'em at www.barnumspro.com for a great price.


Hey Sunny-

We will be down for the Cabo 500 with a 3 man team on a Husqvarna.

Really looking forward to it. Rob talked about going down as well.

Some questions for us Cabo 500 newbies....

Will town 'sell out' of hotels and all that like in Ensenada? Is there a 'racers hotel' to stay at? Any other recommendations?

How do you pit for it? Is there any service? If not whats the proceedure?

---i hear ya on the edelbrock service. Its the best in the biz. They are awesome....


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