ARAI TOUR X helmet

hey pig heads

any of you chaps sporting an ARAI TOUR X helmet ,if so ,whats your opinion on them.


I know it sounds odd but, if you are looking for an mx style helmet with a visor check out the snowmobile helmets...Some of them even have a secondary drop down tented visor inside like the jet pilot helmets...Ebay has a few....

I've been looking at buying an Arai XD for some time now. Very sweet helmets. In a review that I read (search Arai XD on google) a guy mentioned wind drag on the visor at 75mph+ (duh) and that it was kinda noisy with wind (can't be any noisier than our dirt hemlets). Other than that he had good things to say about it. I'm buying one for sure, just saving up the money and looking for deals. Be sure to check out the Bosch styles with the graphics, very sharp.

I have an Arai XD. It is the dirt-style helmet with the face shield. I use it for riding my 650L on the street. The fit and comfort is great. The only thing I don't like is that when it's really cold out a bit too much wind blows through the front vents and onto your face. The vents on top don't seem to let much air in. The nose vent works pretty good, it has a defog setting. Overall, I would say it's a good helmet.

I just had one listed on eBay....No takers! It's new...I just needed a bigger size. I'll be listing it again next week. They're a great street/dual sport helmet. There is alot less wind noise and you definitly have better vision than an MX helmet w/googles. But they ain't cheap!

My brother has one. I am thinking about one as well. I can get a good price thru one of my buds, so that'll help offset its premium price tag some.

It does have some idiosyncracies that may/may not concern you:

  • Not especially quiet
  • Peak can vibrate at certain speeds
  • Visor is angled more than street visors, and this can cause visual distortion
  • Visor can get enough dust on the inside if riding trails/dusty conditions
  • It's an Arai, and they make it real awkward for folks to price-shop or locate

Simson has a kludge, [Simpson GS3]but it is 1/2 the price, and I may still opt for it, ~$250.

The Simpson doesn't seal the visor to the helmet so rain, dust, bug juice can

get in. But the visor is sposta be really thick, and it has tear-off posts. The Arai visor is actually kinda thin.

I have the simpson GS3 and it is noisy but it vents well. The sheild is thick and will distort your vision if you have it in just the right position. It did better in the rain than I thought it would.

thanks guys for the info

i must admit im pretty keen to get one , the black one looks good

I used some nylon nuts and JB weld to add a visor to my street helmet.

Works very nice, 'though a tad hot in summer.


Am I weird for wearing a full face helmet for my street riding?

Am I weird for wearing a full face helmet for my street riding?

No. I don't think so.

I use a Bell full-face street helmet sometimes on mine, sometimes I use a MSR MX helmet. Depends upon how much face sheild (visor) I desire, if any.

FYI...I just re-listed a Arai Bosch TX Motard(same as the XD...just nicer!)on eBay. Size Large.

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