oil leak?

i have a 04 wr450f, and i love it. i have done all the free mods and this bike screams. my best upgrade was the autoclutch, with the rear brake mounted on the left handlebar!!!! my problem is, i have an oil leak somwhere up high, it is dripping down on the header, right where it is mounted to engine. i took the tank and radiator guards off and there was oil all over the back side of the front of the frame, header, right rad and all the hoses. i found the nut missing from the header and the alan set screw was loose. is there enough oil blowing out of the exhaust to create this much of a mess? i can't see where it would be coming from. any help would be much appreciated!!

It may be the decompression plug right above the header. I think they fixed the issue on the 2005 and up models. on the 2003 and 2004 they put a small rubber plug on the head to cover where the decomp cable enters the head before they went to the auto decompression cams. TT store sells high quality plugs to replace the stock one. :thumbsup:


Indy. Thanks for posting that. I just ran into the exact same issue and your post really helped! Thanks.

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