New Clutch

What is the best clutch for this bike. OEM....aftermarket. My friend has fried his. Do you think he should replace the cable with the plates. And do the stronger springs help. :thumbsup: Thanks,,,,,, BTW its a 2000 XR650r

scott summers has the set up on his web site, (you add a extra steel plate) allso on the pig pen site to i think

Lot's of people swear by the extra plate mod, I don't. If you want a bulletproof clutch on your 650R this is what to do....

Ditch the stock basket, it's junk. Replace it with a Hinson unit.

Then get yourself a barnett dirt digger clutch kit, ditch the springs in it though and just use the plates.

Call up Xr's only and get they're HD Spring kit.

Pop it all together and never look back. The clutch will last a while. Just keep up on your oil changes.

Replace it with a Hinson unit.

where did you get your Hinson unit?

My local dealer.

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