Cam Question

I have a 99 YZ400. I have herd some of you talk about the 450 cam swap. Will both cams intake and exhaust work or just one of them. And is this a more aggressive cam than the hot cams. And what do you plug the decompression lever hole with. Anyone with more information I would greatly appreciate it.

Gearhead, all you need is the 03 YZ 450F exhaust cam- it's cheaper than a Hotcam and works just fine, it gives the bike a super broad power band and smooths the hit just a little bit. To plug the hole there is an aluminum plug available (or at least there was) and I just happen to have an extra one if you get around to doing the mod. Don't use the stock Yamaha plug, it's pretty cheesy and prone to blow out.

At the top of this forum you will find many pages of info on the mod.

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