650L seat question

Does anybody make a taller seat for the 650L? The stock seat is fairly comfortable but my legs feel cramped after riding for a while. Taller foam would be great but I can't seem to find any.

pretty rare someone speaks about taller seats for the L. all you ever hear is lowering link this, trimmed seat foam that. I have never heard of taller foam.

Yes I have a GUTTS racing tall seat. 1 1/2 plus firm foam... Love it!

Do a search & they will come up.


The reason I'm looking for a taller seat is because I'm fairly tall, and my XR400 feels much better after I put a taller seat on it. My 400 sits several inches taller than my 650 and I like the way it feels.

Yep, Guts has your tall foam in three densities (hard, med, soft)... I have it and love it!

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