Killswitch question....

Im curious if anyone has tryed running a killswitch with a teather cord, the kind that alot of the quad guys are required to have for most racing events? the reason im wanting to know is i ride alot of trails with sand/water and cross alot of creeks and shallow water holes.. and in the event of a "lay down" i dont want my bike to suck a bunch of water through the pipe and spill into the exhaust valves or come through airbox into the carb... i would much rather it stopped running if i crashed anyways incase i cant get to it to shut it off befor any serious damage could happen.. any info would help thanks.. -Wayne-

If you dropped a hot 4 stroke in the water, running or not, bad things will happen. I never thought much about using an ATV kill cord, because it could get snagged on tree limbs and things like that.

I know of the dangers of mixing hot metal with cold water.. i was just curious about using a deadmans killswitch.. and wondered if anyone has tryed it

All of the hillclimbers have them, its manditory for most events. Should be a pretty easy setup. I know some of my buddies who are pro hillclimbers complain of occasionally catching the teather on something and killing their ride prematurely. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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