06 YZ450F, has too much...

Its a 450!!!! get use to it... Sounds like your scared..

short shift, take a tooth or two off the rear sproket

Its a 450!!!! get use to it... Sounds like your scared..

Me Scared? I'm not scared to drive to Caroline and thump you on the head, you girl!

Relax. I'm just joshing with ya, and you are darn right I'm scared. 41 year old bones are sensitive to big hits :thumbsup:

The bike is supposed to scare you from time to time.

No shame in it.

The 450's are power monsters. The best way is just lots of seat time. When I got on my 450 the first time it was a funny sight, now it's just wfo all the way! get the seat time and you'll learn to love that power.

Seat time will definately help. I,m 34 and I remember my first ride on mine. I thought to myself, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!! :thumbsup: I've got about 7 hours on it now and love it! :thumbsup: My last bike was a 2002 yz 250. It does take some getting used to. I think I'm going to give that G2 Ergonomics Throttle Cam System a try though. Just to help me out when I get tired.

Greg Holt


Yellow '06 YZ450

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