04 wr450 mods

OK, I am new to the WR450 forum but I came from the DRZ400 forum and learned a lot. I just baught a 04 wr450 bone stock except for the GYT pipe insert and the GYT throttle stop. It also has been jetted and had the holes cut in the airbox. Besides the grey wire mod, what other mods are there? Should I take out, what looks like a baffle out of the top of the airbox, which would make two small inlets into one large one? Any help is greatly appreciated.

One Mod that I have not read much about was Screens over those side holes in the Airbox. I'm gathering a home made kit out of stuff now. I'll let you know what I end up with on the bike.

Do some searches for mods, but what most of us have done are:


Air box

Throttle stop

Silicone under the plastic chain glide to protect swing-arm from chain-slap wear

Re-grease linkage and steering head bearings

Re-route valve cover breather hose

Re-route two of the carburetor vent hoses

Un-cork exhaust


Cut gray wire


Better skid plate

Radiator guards / braces

Hand-guards & whatever other bolt-on stuff you want

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