Oil overflow and leak

My 03 450 is leaking oil and I cant tell where it is coming from. I noticed it dripping out of the bottom of the bike. When i checked the dipstick it started pouring out of the dipstick hole. A rode about 5 minutes and the oil stopped leaking. I checked the dipstick again and it was normal. Rode another 6 laps and called it a night. Checked the oil this morning and the dipstick is completely dry. Any ideas? Also what is good suggestion for coolant?

Let it burn to the ground and then get a new bike. While you out scrounging for the cash maybe I can get faster than you.

You have to measure the oil level after it's warmed up, not the morning after. Not sure why you had it coming out of the dipstick hole (I assume on the frame?) unless it was overfilled. Careful with overfilling, you can create unwanted pressure in the cases.

I'd warm it up, drain the oil, and replace with the correct quantity and check it like the manual dictates.

Not sure why you had it coming out of the dipstick hole (I assume on the frame?) unless it was overfilled.
Right again, pal :thumbsup:

rwloope, you over filled the bike, most likely by adding oil to make it show on the dip stick before first running the engine for a couple of minutes. It's a dry sump system, meaning it stores oil in a remote reservoir (the frame) and pumps it through the engine and then back to the tank. As it sits, the oil gradually runs back to the crankcases, so dip stick readings are only accurate if taken within 5 minutes of shutdown.

Your oil leak is probably due to excessive oil in the top end being forced out the breather. If so, it will clear up after a while once you correct the overfill. Drain both the crankcase and the tank, and then refill with one quart of oil. Restart it, run it for about two minutes, shut it off and check the level.

Download a Manual

thanks. The book says 1.2 liters but I was told 1.5 was better becuase there is room for it in the frame so thats what I put in. I cranked it up again tonight and then checked the dipstick and it was still overflowing. I am going to change the oil tonight. You think 1 quart is what I should use?

Follow Gray's advice and at least download the manual, that way you are following the manufacturer's requirements. I use 1 qt in my '05, and that's perfect (as per the manual, too)....


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