Part # for FHN or FKN?

Can I get these needles from Yamaha or do I have to order them through Sudco?

I ordered a FKN through the dealer and its back ordered. Of course they never bothered to tell me that until two weeks later. Then I run into the same thing about the EKP. They say its a different needle than a FKN. I'm confused. ( any one want to start a dealership were the people actually know what they are doing???) :) anyway thanks for any info you guys might be able to share


Those are Yamaha only needle numbers. If you want to use the less expensive brass needles try these from Sudco:

FKN#5 = FHN#4

FKM#5 = FHM#4

EKP#4 = EMP#5

Availability is usually good. (1-800-998-3529)

James I would prefer to have the Yamaha needles. I tried to order the FKN on your recommendation and used PN 5JG 14916 FN. This PN is back ordered. It also comes up as a funky needle code not as a FKN. But I'm sure you are right. So I would like to order the FHN but do not have the PN for it. I tried to have the dealer look it up with no luck. If you have the yamaha PN for FHN that would help. I was wondering were you order your Yamaha needles from here in Washington. I seem to be having bad luck being able to get any help except from you. I am also wondering if you might have a chart or graph of needles and how they might look lean to rich. Like how to compare a drr with a fkp for an example. I read Taffys post on the explanation of the needle and that helped out alot. I also just read a post from last march about the maj passage and drilling it out to 2.78mm and trying a maj drilled with a #44 bit 2.2mm or a 3/32 2.38mm and that might help out with the 3/4 to WOT. Going to give this a rip. you mentioned that it might help out with the F_ _ needles. Let me know if your up for a ride with a novice jetting person like my self. Looks like your just down the road. E-mail me if you'd like at I ride almost every weekend. ( as long as the wife allows) :) Thanks again


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OB needles are hard coated Yamaha needles. OC needles are brass and come from Keihin.

I have made it confusing for you. OBFKN and OBEKP are the Yamaha needles. The Yamaha parts probably show FVN and EVP incorrectly.

OCFHN is a brass needle of the same profile as OBFKN, shifted by 1 clip position. They are identical other than FHN is brass. No point in getting both.

The dealers are usually clueless on these non-standard parts, they rarely order them.

I don't have a graph made on these for you to compare. FH-, EM-, and DV- needles have their tapers start very close to each other at about 2.70mm. DR- has about a 2mm higher start and needs a leaner clip position. EM- richens more at mid-throttle than DR- or DV- needles. FH- adds more fuel yet at mid-throttle.

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