Air In Forks ???


2004 YZ 450

I have read somewhere, that is it possible for air to accumulate in the forks causing them to be stiffer than normal, I have also seen numerous fork tools for bleeding air from forks. Lately my forks have seemed very stiff, and are still the stock spring rate and i know should be softer than normal due to my weight (#240) has anyone ever had to bleed air from their forks , and if so, how much of a pain in the behind is it? what is suggested ?


thanks .

I have had to bleed out air from every pair of forks i have ever owned. Its worse when the forks are new and the seals havent softened up and again when the forks get older and the internal shims allow more lateral playin the sliders. Either way, its normal so dont panic, just make it part of your maintenance, clean the air filter, change the oil and bleed the forks..... for 26 bucks you can buy "push button" bleeders on E-Bay and bleed them while riding. I notice the air build up when trail riding mostly, the supple feel going over small roots and rocks goes away and the forks start to stay high in the stroke.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

all you need is a screw driver to bleed your front forks....and you are supposed to bleed them after every ride

and before every ride. There are speed bleeders available that allow you to bleed them at the touch of a button. I have them on my WR. Motion Pro makes them as well as other companies.

Definately get the Motion Pro bleeder's...they make life a lot easier.

Just remember to only bleed the forks when the front wheel is off the ground, dangling in mid-air.

Just loosen the bleed screw at the start of each day, takes 10 seconds per fork. Don't rule out needed maintenance if they're getting harsh. When was the last time the oil was changed or the internals disassembled and cleaned and worn parts replaced?

Where is the air bleeder, im going to order the motion pro ones. is the air bleeder on teh top of the fork, that little screw offset from the rebound adjuster. (or is that compression) i got a 'D' in suspension settings. LOL My rear shock has recently been rebuilt and re valved and re sprung by race tech so now the front is looking towards enzo. I think.

But want to bleed the air. I havent done it since i have owned the bike.

Yeah the screw is on the top, but not the middle screw.

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