Anyone run 15-48 gearing on an 04' 450?

Anyone run 15-48 gearing on an 04' 450?

I am thinking about giving it a try. I run trail and race 50/50.

I run 15/49 everywhere. It doesn't work perfectly everywhere, but it works for me. Low gear is a little tall for tight spots, but it's OK as long as your clutch is up to it, and second is tall enough to make the use of low gear occasionally necessary on the track. I like it though. Top speed is about 85.

Got the manual out and the calculator to see what ratios are actally lower/higher than others. I have got a feeling that 15/48 may be a bit tall on the bottom, 15/49 or 15/50 may suit me better. Thanx Gray

Yes! I am running a 15/46 on my 04yz450f for Ice Racing.

I have run a 15/48 on the track and in the bush and it works well.


I run a 14/52 and I ride 85% trail and 15% track works great may have to shift a bit more for the wide open stuff though. KILLER OUT OF THE HOLE on an 04 450

04 450 and runing 14 / 50 and its a lot improved over the stock 14 / 48.

first gear goes fast though. but your flying out the holeshot. and i dont do alot of 4th gear pinned riding . so its all good for me .

I run 15/49, 48 & 47 depending on conditions. For tight I run stock 14/48. I don't think there's any need for lower do to the bikes broad power band.

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