Titanium Powercore...Got It!

The little brown truck brought me a little gift today! I got it mounted and it sounds very nice. It's nowhere near as loud as the old PC4, but it is a bit louder than my Q2, though it's a very similar tone. It's a shorter can and tucks in a bit nicer under the side panel, but it is also fatter and requires a little 5mm spacer to get the plastic off the mid pipe. I may be able to get a quick ride in tomorrow or Thursday, but definitely on Saturday, so I can give y'all a performance report this weeked at the lastest. The quiet core is still on back order, so we'll have to wait to see how that works out. So now I've got a Q2 in great condition that I need to get rid of. Tarfele has first dibs on it, but if he doesn't want it, I'll be putting on EBay. PM me for auction details...SC

Is that for the mid-pipe too, or just the muffler? I really need one.

I read your other post regarding the Yosh pipe. The mid-pipe on the FMF is part of the muffler, so if you have the stock header, the Q2 mounts right up...SC

For those of you interested, here are some pics of the Q2...SC




Right on, yeah I took a nasty spill and bent the sh$* out of my muffler and mid-pipe. So if Tarfele doesnt want it, i'm interested.

For those of you interested, here are some pics of the Q2...SC




clark4131, why did you switch from the Q2? Why is your new pipe better?

Before I got the Q2, I deliberated between it and the PC4 for weeks. I had anticipated doing a substantial amount of riding in Kalifornistan and was worried about the eco-fag noise nazis, so I settled on the Q2. Well, I'm doing most of my riding in my beautiful home state of Nevada where noise issues aren't as big a deal, and most of the places I ride are hell-and-gone from any homes, wilderness areas and wherever one might find a herd of Western Spotted Scissor Bills (that's Nevadan for Eco-Nazi). That's not to say I'm thumbing my nose at the whole noise issue because I'm also getting the 94db quiet core for it, though it's on backorder for a bit. So, I'm going to have the best of both worlds. Also, the new pipe is supposed to flow better than even the old PC4, and I'm a power junkie. The Q2 is a great pipe and I've been nothing but happy with it. The build quality is top notch, as is the new pipe, and I've had zero issues with it other than the sticker not wanting to stay on, boohoo. So that's it...hope I answered your question :thumbsup: ...SC

How 'bout some new pics... Where did you get it, how much? Rocky Mountain won't have them 'till next week.

There's not much to see as its tucked in behind the side panel pretty well. I'll snap a few though just to make you happy. I got it direct from FMF. I get a 25% discount from them just for being a swell guy, so I always go through them. I paid $224 + shipping :thumbsup: ...SC

Very nice... Thanks! Short can is good.

I would also like to see some pics and a report the next time you take it out. If I remember correctly you also have the SX powerbomb header, this is the exact combo that I am looking at getting soon, so a report and some pics would make my day.

Here are a few pics I just took of the new pipe. You can see how much farther the new pipe is tucked in compared to the Q2. According to my handy-dandy ultra-accurate hand scale, I'd say it's about a pound or so lighter than the Q2 as well :thumbsup:...SC




Hey Clark how does the insert and SA options go on? I cant see if the end cap unbolts like the old style does. Thanks. :thumbsup:

The spark arrestor is already in there (screen type), though it's hard to make out in the picture. There's a small pan head bolt just inside the exit on the bottom you can see in the pic. I'm assuming you just unbolt it and pull the insert out and replace it with the quiet core. The q-core is on backorder, so it'll be a little while before I know for sure...SC

Sweet looking pipe! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the report & pics.

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