2000 YZ426 Frame Paint

Hey Guys, I just stumbled upon this site and I think what you guys are doing here is great! I have been a rider since I was little and have just gotten back in to the game after 5 years of not riding. :thumbsup: Anyway, I just purchased a hot 2000 YZ426F :thumbsup: . I'm riding in an enduro on March 5th and I'm pretty particular about how my bike looks and runs. Anyway, the post is b/c I want to do some touch ups on the frame but I don't want to go all the way. Does anyone know where I can match this color up with a can of spray paint? I'm going to do the sanding and prepping but I want it to be simple. I have the sub off and I'm currently rebuilding the carb. So, can anyone help me...Thanks for the interest guys!


1991 Honda XR80

1985 Husqvarna 250

1991 Honda XR 250

2001 Husaberg 660

1993 Kawasaki KX125

2000 Yamaha YZ426 (Yea boy)

Thank you!

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