Setting Sag

Guys, What Is The Best Way To Set The Sag? Can Anyone Give Me A Play By Play Or Shoot In A Link? Thanks!

Grayracer, once again you've made technical question easy. That diagram is a lot easier then trying to explain it to someone. :thumbsup:

Isn't that in your manual?

But cheers Gray for sharing!

Google for "SAGSetter". The DMGTek SAGSetter is the best sag tool I've ever used. Small changes in sag make a big difference so be precise!

While we're on about this, keep in mind that the sag in a cold garage is going to be different than it is in the middle of the day after the shock is warmed up. The fluid will heat and expand, which will compress the gas chamber, which in turn, adds to the total effective spring preload. Set it to drop about 20-30mm too far, and check it once it's warmed up well.

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