2000 Wr400 Thumperrookie Wants Advice!!

OK guys, I recently offed my good ol CR250 for an ultra clean, original 00 wr400 back in July, took me a while to learn its little tricks and weight control but I've really learned to like this bike, especially off the track.

I'm ready for more. My question is this, Free mods, I read about the YZ timing change, and BK mod, but what else should I be looking at to up the performance/handling. Jetting?(1000ft)Air-box?

Can/should I do an 03' cam change?

I'm running stock exhaust with a GYT insert. -trying to keep it quiet.

Thanks for your input. -Gregg

Gregg, I have a 98' WR400 and did put the 03 YZ cam in, good move, easy starting, slightly better pull. Consider the Rekluse clutch, depends on the type of riding you do, great for technical stuff. Motor is bullet proof, have many, many miles on mine - untouched. Steering damper is also a good move. These bikes can do it all if set up right.

make sure the throttle stop is cut or was replaced with a yz stop, cut grey wire, open air box, when I had that bike I just took the cover off the air box.

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