Baja Designs kit--is yours a POS too?

I bought a brand new XR back in november and had the BD DS kit installed by the dealer. Since that time I have been through two flashers, and one headlight bulb. Condensation accumulates in my aftermarket head and taillight. Apparently they only warrarty their stuff for 30 days, now wonder. Are there better kits out there? I beginning to wonder if I have a voltage, or some other problem with the wiring??

My last 2 bikes have had Baja Designs dualsport kits and I've never had any problems with them. They ROCK!

Just change a rear taillight bulb every couple of years and that all the maintenance I've needed. Baja Designs makes great stuff!

My tail light has the LED bulbs (there's like 10 mini bulbs within the housing). I'm beginning to think it's a problem elsewhere. I wish I knew electrical...

Mine has been on the bike 3 years now...not one problem!

I've had mine on for two years. Had to replace the whole headlight assembly, but that was a trees fault! Only other problem was the liscense plate holder broke off and I lost my plate. That's ok, I wanted an LED one anyway. I can't believe how rock solid this BD kit is. I can't believe the directionals are still on the bike, never mind still working. :thumbsup:

Ditto to what Salty said. Mine rocks. I will admit the first production models (July 2004) of the LED tailight had some sealing issues. They warrantied mine 1 year after I bought it. I cannot complain about their cust. service or tech support. They're also the only company that uses standard OEM honda parts for their kits, IE-fenders and headlight setups. Good stuff, IMO.

Can you get just the taillight from Baja designs to replace the OEM one. More sanno looking I think...

I've only had mine for a few days, so no opinion yet.... but check these out:

It's the same idea but with different parts... looks cool.

It is cool! I have it on my XR650R and it's been great! Even has a key ignition.

Very satisfied with the Dakar set up! :thumbsup:

Alright guys...resurecting an old post here. I am goint to reg. the BRP this year and like the reviews I see here on the BD kit. My questrion is...which of the three would youy recommend (classic, ez, or quick release). From the description it looks like the best bang for the buck may be the quick release setup even though its $40 more. Just looking for opinions. SALTY or TIMBRP does this cover the Massachusetts requirements???

Screw the Mass requirements....ahem...Did I just type that..?LOL

Yes, it does meet "almost" all the MA requirements. Mass requires a front brake light switch which is not on mine but may have been integrated into them now, ask them. The quick release is sweet although I've never taken mine off as I don't race. However, should the need arise it is quite easy to do. It makes winter teardowns much easier. Get this kit, you will not be dissapointed. The only times I've seen problems with Baja Designs are from operator errors, or installation issues... :thumbsup:

Just to chime in, I have had the BD kit on my '93 since 1998.

I have removed the kit and replaced my old stock plastic covers/fenders, swaped tires back on the bike countless times over the years. As far back as I can remember, I have never had any trouble, not even had to change a light bulb.....and this bike was my daily driver for a long while. I thought BD made a good kit then, but I have not seen the kits for the 650's. can't be too much diff.

I've got the EZ .... it's great. Works well. The only complaint I have

is that the connectors from the bikes lighting (female) abd the BD harness

(male) burned out. It looks like the diameter of the male connectors is a tad

thin, causing a bad connection and arcing. other than that it's been great.

I would look into the Quick release setup though.

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