XR650L Owners

Just wondering how highway capable the bike is. will it maintain 65mph easily or does it tax it too much.was thinking of gettin one for a pitbike/transportation. I live about 35 miles out of chicago. and would like to start ridin downtown again. Thanx peaceout.... :thumbsup:

the 'L' will cruise at highway speed OK if not geared down too much, but ya might wish ya had "Buns of Steel" ... :thumbsup:

I've got stock gearing...75...no problem. i've been on alot of bikes (enduros, dirt, street...etc since i've been 14yrs old) To be honest bro...its the best bike i've ever owned!!! I freaken love it!

I was just wondering if at 65 mph it was screamin as far as rpm's...thanx for the reply's

With 14/48 my L comfortable at 60 anything over that on the highway it does'nt feel good. With the stock 15/45 it would be fine. Watch out for the cross winds up there on the highway,they dont do very well in that regard.

I rode mine with 15/45, 14/45, and now 14/48. It still does fine at 65, but I liked 14/45 better for road use. 15/45 makes the gears feel far apart.

As far as riding long distances, I have ridden mine to work several times (23 miles one way) and it does ok. It doesn't feel as stable as a street-only bike, but I never expected it to.

At 65 it is almost lugging with the stock gearing. Bump it up to 68 and it really

smooths out.

I was cruzin yesterday down I81 in MD going 70 real easy not high rpm's at all. All though it was a little windy at that speed. :thumbsup:

I run the expressway every morning. At 0500-0530 there is no traffic to speak of, and I run 75-90 for 30 miles.

The ride home is much slower due to traffic.

15/45, uncorked, pumper, stage one, distanzias :thumbsup:

The bike has plenty of power to cruise at 65,75, or more. The top gear is pretty tall, so you won't be revving too high. I ride it on the highway all the time. It isn't quite as stable as a sportbike, but I feel relatively comfortable and safe on the interstate. I don't know if I would ride it across the country, though, because of lack of wind protection.

The speed is not an issue, my L will cruise all day long at 65 with 15/48. Also note that a larger rear tire will also make gearing taller. At highway speeds in traffic I feel like a cork in the ocean, the turbulance will toss you around quite a bit.

well this is all good to know information as I plan on riding mine to work this summer up here in Seattle, about a 50 miles commute from whidbey Island to just south of Seattle, about 35 miles freeway. The tourism traffic gets so bad in the summertime the wait in a car for the ferry can be a couple of hours making a total commute time of 3-4 hours to travel 50 miles! but if your riding a bike, you get to go on the ferry right away as you take up little to no room, no waiting rocks! I can hardly wait to try her out this summer! should be some fun rides, with the exception of the freeway, that I view as work! and stayin alive and away from the idiots in cars.

Chil, theres no problem with the highway use.I've got a stock '05 and conmute everyday.It'll do 65,70 even 90's without a problem,but for a long trip you may get tired from being tucked down to beat the wind blast.Anyway thats the bike we choose and we deal with it.Also you can cutthe front fender by about 5-6" to decrease front end lift/turbulence.

Way cool,Thank you all very much on the info much appreciated...

I rode everyday to work 25-30 miles at freeways speeds all summer long.

I love it. Your ride high so you can see over traffic, can weave easily and it has no problem at 65. Hell I hit 80 all the time when passing.

As others have said it is the wind that is the only drawback.

I guess I must be spoiled....I ride an 05' BMW GS1200 for my commuter pack mule bike and can take it on 500+mi day rides. Belive me, it's no dirt bike...maybe a fire road here and there but not a good technical bike. But that's not what I bought it for. I didn't spend 19K to throw it down in the dirt.And I have other bikes to ride on pavement so the XRL is not my first choice out of the gate.

So enter the XRL to the stable to keep up at the mountain home to play in the dirt on the weekends. I've had it all over our local frwy's but I don't care for it much. The motor will definately spin all day at legal driving effortlessly. However, not with much comfort,No wind protection and the rain grooves tend to let it wonder.

I'd say, try it and if it works for you and puts a grin on your face, then that's all that matters. :thumbsup:

Just wondering how highway capable the bike is. will it maintain 65mph easily or does it tax it too much.was thinking of gettin one for a pitbike/transportation. I live about 35 miles out of chicago. and would like to start ridin downtown again. Thanx peaceout.... :thumbsup:

I ride mine to work all the time, 25 miles each way. My big complain early on was headshake at over 60, but a RSW fork brace fixed that. The stock tank sucked as well, as I had to gas up every day. Currently I run Dunlop 606's front and rear, Mikuni 38mm flatside carb, WBE2 pipe, 4gal IMS, desmogged, and opened up airbox. I'm running 13/45 sprockets. I cruise on the hwy at 70 to 75 easy. Bike as set up will run 90 no prob, but is pretty high up in the RPM range. The switch to the flatside carb really made a diff on the top speed. With the same set up and the stock CV carb, it was OK at 65, but lugging and hills killed it. Downhill with a tailwind I could hit 80. The flatside really shines in the response, and the much wider range of power.

I'm pretty sure I've got stock gearing 45tooth out back (not sure what's up front), but It goes 80mph no problem, the PO had the bike up to 115mph indicated several times which is probably right in the neighborhood of 100mph actual.

My bike isn't exactly stock, but the mods are simple, Big Gun Race Exhaust, K&N, Dynojet Kit and smog block off, I'm pretty sure those or similar mods are pretty basic and very common if not necessary for this bike.

Thanx for all the reply's appreciated....

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