Removing the air injection pump.

How do I remove pump or whatever it is on the side of the motor? Where do I find the proper plates to replace the connections into the base of the cylinder and where the pump comes off? Also how far up do I remove the hose going to the air cleaner? Do you remove it and the valve mechanism next to the carburator or leave that canister on?

I bought a kit that had instructions for rerouting the hoses, and included the cover plates. Baha Designs has it (just checked)

There are also complete instructions to do it all yourself on too but their server has been down for a while. I just didn't want to mess with cutting my own block off plates but the kit is like $29. The whole mess comes off the side and makes the engine much cleaner. The only thing I noticed with the smog gone is no more backfiring (with all the other mods in place).

I assume you're doing all the other mods too. This bike is way lean, runs hot stock and needs to be opened up: snorkel, air filter, carb rejet, aftermarket exhaust or mod the stock exhaust. Gearing helped a lot too 14/47 works for me but it depends upon where you ride. With all the mods you can take off the wings and run at 220 degrees (oil dipstick temp).

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