Need instructions for '06 WR electric odometer.

I bought one to retrofit on my '02 WR, and I need operating instructions and wiring instructions. I need to know how to wire the 3 wires that go to power, ground and ?. I've got a baja kit with a battery.

Also, do they have memory if the battery dies?

If someone could send me PDF or JPEG files of the manual pages that would be totally awesome. I also have fax. My email is in my profile.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Any help? If someone could just check their wiring diagram and tell me where the black, brown, and red/white wires go, that would be helpful. They must be for the power connection.


I wrote down which wire is what somewhere.I'll see if i can find it. Basically you have a ground,constant power and a switched power.

Yeah! I was trying to look you up because I remember you selling the Km version. I got stuck on "theblueone", and he wasn't the right guy. Thanks for any help. I think you live 6 miles from me. I'm in San Jose near Branham and Camden.


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