Best Exhaust for CA riders???

I'm still running stock with the GTY-R insert. Happy with it, but if there's something better i'd like to try it out. But unfortunately I live in the great state of california, so it must be sound legal and spark arrested. Any info is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

FMF-Q2 is getting good reviews and is a nice, strong pipe.

I'm using a FMF Q with a Powerbomb SX header. No complaints.

Definately the FMF Q2 with SX powerbomb! :thumbsup:

Definately the FMF Q2 with SX powerbomb! :thumbsup:
I've run a number of pipes on my WR450 including the stock pipe with GYTR and PMB inserts, Pro Circuit's T4, FMF's Factory 4Ti, and the FMF Q2. While I prefer the power of the FMF Factory 4Ti, the Q2 was a good performer with good sound. I use it when sound might be an issue. The Pro Circuit had good power, also, but is way too loud for most places I ride. :thumbsup:

Q2 would seem the ticket if you're buying new, especially with a SX powerbomb header. If you can get a good deal on a used Q they work great too but only if you pack them with Silent Sport packing. The stock packing they came with and any other aftermarket packing won't shut it up at all. The Powerbomb header helps with power and noise. I have the Q/Powerbomb combo.

Will the Q2 bolt up to the stock header? I want to buy the header a little later so the misses wont know.

Will the Q2 bolt up to the stock header? I want to buy the header a little later so the misses wont know.

Yup... just put a Q2 Ti on my '05 WR250F.

No clamps... the muffler comes with a midpipe that "pops" into the muffler (seal with high-temp RTV), and a bushing that you insert into the header end of the midpipe (again, sealed with RTV).

I pre-installed the bushing in the midpipe, but that's all you can do in the way of prep since you'll have to rotate the midpipe to get it into the proper position to bolt in.

The bushing takes up the difference in diameter between the stock header and the Q2's midpipe.... yes, the FMF header is larger.

If you buy the Q2 from ebay, make sure you get the bushing.

I have a White Bros E2, new in the box, that I won in a raffle a couple of weekends ago. Since my wife won't let me get the bike to fit the pipe, so I need to sell the pipe. :applause:

The pipe will fit a '03 - '05 YZ450F or a '03 - '06 WR450F. I'm asking $300.00 or best offer. The White Bros. part number is: 05-646. PM me for details if interested.

If you're going to go aftermarket, you can't go wrong with the E2.

I've been a critic of aftermarket exhausts, but I bought a slightly-used '04 WR450f w/ an E2 on it, and w/ the smallest insert, that bike is QUIET. Way quieter than my '01 WR426 w/ the stock exhaust. I can't determine what the effect on the power is - the bike has a Boyeson quickshot, power nows, and is jetted perfectly, so it rips!

I still can't get over how much I enjoy riding a quieter bike. Seriously. I also like the way the E2 looks. It's got my vote.


I have a Q with a SX powerbomb. Was always at very close to the sound range with original packing. Just repacked with silent sport and blew a 93.1. Never been that quiet before. Great combo for me!

Ya... conventional wisdom is that the "Q" really isn't quite so "Q"

The Q2 is supposedly better, and someone claimed it is packed with the "stringy" packing instead of the mat.

The stringy stuff is silent sport packing. Pretty much everybody making a quiet muffler is using it now including FMF. My new Powercore4 Q on my KLX has it.

anybody got a linky for where one can buy the "silent sport" packing? I have a Q on my WR, and just installed a Power Bomb head pipe. I'm doing the CO500 in August and there will be sound checks.

I have the E2 and it works great. I have always liked how White Brother's products hold up under abuse. The Q2 gets good reviews too. I don't think you can go wrong with either.

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