01 wr426 cam

I know the answer to this is buried somewhere in the archives, but I'd like some opinions.

1) Should I go with a HOTCAMS 426 w/ auto decompress or an 03 YZ Exhaust cam?

2) Has anyone used the HOTCAMS 426 exhaust cam w/ auto decompress and NOT installed a HOTCAMS intake cam?? :thumbsup:

The bikes power is fine the way it is, I just want the most economical way to make starting a little easier.

I recently purchased the 03 yz cam as opposed to the hotcam, mainly for the cost savings. $100 for the 03 cam $150 for the hot cam

Where'd you get it for $100?. My local Yammy shop quoted $173, and the hotcam is $189 or so

Where'd you get it for $100?.
Try: http://oem.thumpertalk.com/default.aspx

$10 membership cost, but you'll save much more than that just on your cam.

Also, there is the option of using a WR450 camshaft instead of the YZ. This would give you power very much like the WR426 already has. But the YZ450F cam will boost your power in a way that you'll probably like a lot, and TT OEM doesn't stock WR stuff normally.

The YZ cam will boost across the range, with no real loss anywhere.

Remember to pull down the instructions; the OEM timing marks on the 450 cam don't line up exactly like the stock ones do.

So you'd go with the YZ exhaust cam and leave the stock wr intake cam?

Also, can you tell what part number the 03 exhaust cam is? Thanks for your help guys

Thanks for your input guys. Bought the yz cam from TT last night.

Just did my install today, you're gonna like it :thumbsup:

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