01 wr426 cam question

I know the answer to this is buried somewhere in the archives, but I'd like some opinions.

1) Should I go with a HOTCAMS 426 w/ auto decompress or an 03 YZ Exhaust cam?

2) Has anyone used the HOTCAMS 426 exhaust cam w/ auto decompress and NOT installed a HOTCAMS intake cam??

The bikes power is fine the way it is, I just want the most economical way to make starting a little easier.


I have the 426 Hotcam and will be installing it soon, maybe this weekend. I will try to let you know how it comes out. Stay Tuned!!


Just got my '03 WR cam in today. Didn't consider YZ or Hotcams much because I'm not looking so much fro performance as convenience. Hopefully I'll get it in this weekend.

I went with the 03 YZ cam just based on price only. It was only $85.00 for the part $45.00 to istall it.

For that price it wasnt even worth thinking about doing myself.

We are on the local dealers race team though and get a pretty deep discount on parts.

The power delivery is not that big of a deal but I think my wifes cat could cold start my WR now.


03 yz cam. After working wrinkles out it starts on 1st kick and it rips too.


Thanks for your help guys. Ordered the YZ cam from TT last night then it's off to the yammy shop for installation. The only thing I install myself is GAS!

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