too short.....

i have a 98 yz400 and im wondering if theres any way i can make the bike around 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch shorter without changing out springs or opening up the forks? i have been hearing people talk about sliding the forks and im curious if i can change the ride height by doing this or if theres any other tricks that can be done to help me out... im around 5'7 and i can ride just fine and stuff.. kick start it while sitting down and all that fun stuff.. but i would enjoy riding it more if it were a little bit shorter.. any info would help.. thanks.. -wayne-

Sliding the forks up in the clamps will make the bike turn easier and less stable at high speed. Not necessarily a bad thing.......

Try it.

You can get a lowering link but it is really expensive and costs way more than geting suspension lowered professionally.

cut some of the seat out, something like the FMX guys do

cut some of the seat out, something like the FMX guys do

This is your best and cheapest option. :thumbsup:

definitly cut your seat before you spend any money i am also 5'7 on a 03 450f one of the best things i did

my seat is already about an inch thick it has an aftermarket seat.. i can just deal with it i can ride just fine but i was wanting it a bit lower to make it easer to stand and kick start it, its get kinda hard standing on my left tiptoe while i try to kick it over when its like 20 degrees outside(tempermental 4 stroke) but i can cope.. if anyone knows of any aftermarket stores that sell parts and accessories for WR/YZ400F let me know.. thanks.. -wayne-

If you or someone you know, know's how to weld, try cutting down your subframe.

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