Rekluse Clutch Problems

I have a Rekluse clutch with perch adjuster on my 04 450r and adjusted so that you put it in gear you can feel a little pull. My problem is when I am going up rocky,lose terrain hills that ill be in First gear mid throttle (bout fast walking speed), then back off the throttle a little bit, then get back on the gas a little bit it bogs and stalls. I clutch works perfectly all the time, just on a hills it always does this. Last Sunday it happened 3 times going up 3 different hills. I dont think it is a jetting/bike problem, just that might be me/riding skill or the clutch not adjusted correctly.

Any ideas??? :thumbsup:

it really sounds like jetting to me, my bike is jetted fairly well but i can still kill it if i wack the throttle really fast off of idle. i have to try an be smooth with throttle and roll it. ( which you should do anyway on a 4 stroke)

yes jetting woes is the culprit

I have stock jetting, only mods I have done in a white bros e-2 pipe, twin air filter, and boysen accelerator pump cover. what are you suggestions for jetting. I don't know anything bout jetting.

Invest in a JD Jetting kit & follow his instructions for your temp/elevation etc. Also, you'll need to open your FS another 1/4 turn w/the Boyesen Quick Shot.

Your clutch is dragging and will stall in the situation u mentioned. Try and measure your gap and just feel a slight resistance with your feeler guage. I had a simialar situation this weekend and found my tolerances were too close. After replacing with a thinner steel plate I find neutral very easily and haven't stalled it as easily. U can stall even if jetted perfectly and clutch set up perfectly, stay on the gas a split second longer on your log wheelies and u will see the difference IMO. These bikes hate the dreaded throttle "blip". The tech's at Rekluse tell me these bikes won't stall with their clutch but it's asking alot of these high strung short stroke 4 stokes to ride at lower speeds. I still think the Rekluse rules, just takes a bit of seat time on them. Be sure u don't have a warped steel plate or worn clutch basket, clutch won't release on off throttle properly. :thumbsup:

thanks for the info, looking into jetting, and will check out the clutch to make sure it is set up right.

Also too high of an idle will cause the clutches to grab, seems so obvious but even that caused me some grief at first. :thumbsup: let us no how u make out.

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