S T A R T E R t r o u b l e !!!

The trouble is,,,my M8's looking to put an electric starter on his bike, a Yamaha WR400, but cant find a starter anywhere. If NE1 knows if its possible, or if NE1 has done it - please send me details A S A P. Does he need to order outside UK for a starter, or are there any places that would make one. What alternative electric starters would work on a WR400 ? ANY info on this would be a help, because I cant even ride a bike and I listen to this problem EVERY EFFing day...Snake

there is a company in france that does the conversion and TBM rode it and were impressed only a short while ago (april issue). i put up the info and someone found a link to a site.

go into search and try putting in "two wheel drive etc" see what you get.

the company is called les roues and they're on 0033139880276

in goussainville,france. cost is £1000 including all taxes to do your bike.


Thanks for the info - If you can find any more about this please keep in touch

x612sge@yahoo.co.uk AKA Snake on this site M8


Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and guidance - Ive found a new starter for just under £1300.00 but as much as i like the bike, thats too much.

Unless i find it cheaper (even 2nd hand) the bikes getting sold. A pity considering the Yamaha wr400 is a fantastic bike. Its been adapted for road use also - best getaway ride you'll ever get (apart from having to kick it)...

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