Backfire Screen in air filter cage

Any thoughts whether removing this would increase performance? Any downside?

I always cut mine out with a razer knife.I always cut mine then install a twin air filter.I have to up a jet or two to compensate for the extra air flow which means more hp Im sure.I guess the down side is in a backfire condition and possible fire.I have never heard of a bike yet that did and every one I ride with cuts out the screen.I think it lets it breath a little better and better throttle response.Give it a try!

i did it not a huge improvement but i felt a little better response....try it ..youll like it

When Doug Henry was riding YZF's in Super Moto the first time around, before his two years on the CRF, his crew tried an number of things with the air box, including removing the screen. They did not find that it helped in any way, and they concluded that the reason was simply that the filter itself was more restrictive than the screen was. Removing it did nothing, since the most restrictive component in the air stream was still in place.

Since that time, I have seen no hard evidence that establishes that there's an advantage to it. In tests I did myself, a vacuum gauge showed no pressure drop across the screen on my YZ450. Lot's of people remove it, and a lot of them swear it did something, but I've never seen a machine say so. :thumbsup:

Thats pretty much what I'm hearing from techs around here. Thanks for the reply.

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