Stuck valve shim. Need suggetions

While doing valve lash adjustment , I have one exhaust shim that I cant remove from the seat. I have tried a magnet, tapping, heat, and blast of air. Any suggestions:

Take brake cleaner and spray the shim and bucket real good...this will disolve all the oil around it ...which is keeping it in place.

Then give it a blast of air.

Good luck

thanks, Ill try that,

remember heat expands, if you try heat only apply heat to the retainer & try to direct as little to the shim as possible. If you can direct cold to the shim ( maybe a clean air can upsidedown (cheap freon) that may reduce the shim to allow it to be extracted.

I would not recommend heating the cam bucket, it could alter the hardness and quickly wear both the follower and the cam. I agree with the solvent approach.

If you have a valve spring compressor you can take the tension off the spring and push up on the valve. This should push the shim out. Ive had to do this before.

If you are careful and I want to emphasize careful pit the piston at tdc and take a socket that has an extension and press down on the retainer the valve will go down and touch the piston and it will push out the shim, you have to be careful though. If you push too far the keepers might fall out then the head may have to come off unless you have a fancy attachment that will allow you to pressurize the combustion chamber to hold the valve up to put the valve keepers back in. Did I say you have to be careful.

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