Float stuck?

So i replaced the parts included in the needle valve kit. After inspection of the valve, i could see no wear marks. I replaced the entire kit anyways, since i had it apart. After putting it all back together, starting for a few minutes, the carb is still leaking. I tapped the side of the card with a rubber malet, to see if the float was sticking, and guess what, no more leak. I did this about 3 more times, same result. So looks like the float is sticking. Any ide'as why? I have not bought a new float yet, just looking for some input to see if ayone else has had this problem. Float takes a week to get, and i want to go ridde this weekend. Any thoughts if i just tap the carb before killing the bike, at least until i get the float?

Have a look at the tiny clip holding the float valve to the float and make sure when you move the float up it seats and centers on the seal surface. You may have a twist in the clip or float assembly. :thumbsup:

Pulled the carb apart last night, cleaned everything. The only thing i did different was pull the needle valve off, and flip it around. The clip that holds the needle to the float is new, and i did not see a difference in turning it around, but hey it worked. Now, I'm going riding!

Cool! Cheap fix! :thumbsup: Glad you are back out there riding! :thumbsup:

Same thing was happening to my buddy last weekend on his '04 YZ450. We were so bummed because we didn't realize the problem until after we had already spent half the day getting to the spot, and were geared up and ready to ride. We tried banging on it with a wrench, nothing. Found a mechanic that camps out in the middle of the desert, offered him a beer for his free advice and the use of his tools, still leaking like crazy. The mechanic thought my buddy let the bike sit too long (just a few months) which is shorter than the time you let it sit during the hot season. Anyway, we were about to pack it up when the damn thing stopped leaking! We kept an eye on it the rest of the day, but no problems??? :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk::bonk:

How wierd!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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