coolant resevoir leaking

I have an 06 WR450 and have been riding it a couple times a month since November when I bought it. Recently I noticed the green coolant on the floor of my garage and realized I had a leak. Apparently something, and I assume it is the rear tire, has rubbed a spot on the corner of the plastic tank and made a small hole. Has anyone else had this problem?

Can you take a pic of it? I am curious If I might need to fab something.


I run the Teraflex 140 rear and I space out my overflow tank about 1/2" with spacers. You should be able to repair the bottle with a PTex candle that the ski bases are repaired with for downhill snow boards. The bottle is never under any real pressure. :thumbsup:

yes I had the exact same problem. Although I spotted it before the tire rubbed all the way through the tank. Also have seen the exact same thing on a Kawasaki. In my case the tank had been pushed in so I just needed to push it back out flush with the side panel.

I removed the overflow tank the day after i got my bike and have done on all previous bikes. Just run a tube down through the rads, behind the case saver and let it drip there (if it ever has to). It's just another road legal requirement after all ... (unless you spend your time on the road?)

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