bit of cash

i have about £500 to spend on my 05 yz450f what should i get to get it looking sh*t hot and run well for enduro?

Hmmm....lemme think....O-ring chain and the proper sprockets for what you plan to do (tight single track?), a back up air filter (or two), the correct tires, hand guards/bark busters, skid plate, radiator guards, spark arrestor/muffler, TT decomp plug, Ziptye fuel screw.... that should probably eat up 80% of what you have to spend, the rest I'd put into a few back up parts like clutch cables (they seem to break at the worst times), spare brake/clutch levers, spark plugs, oil/checmicals, tools, etc....

Notice there's nothing here that's for "bling"...I'm a big believer in spending money on practicality and things that work rather than things that look flashy.


CARBON BABY!!!! :thumbsup:

forget the bling spend the money on things that will make that thing fit you better like a revalve

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