650R exhaust help(uneven headers)


So My XR650R is converted to SM now-Awesome bike-i really like it

the bike came with a full FMF exhaust systema nd though it seems to make the bike run good I want a different exhaust

heres why i don't like the FMF-the left side header wraps around the frame just liek the stock one but is biggger diameter and is touching the frame which is not good since thats where the oil and oil/drainbolt is

basically i've heard a few companies that make full systems that have equal length headers-some go on the inside of the frame some exit the left side like the remus

Can anyone name any exhaust systems that match my criteria

something like this



Barnumspro.com (760)868-8097. Worth making a call to talk with Rob about your bike and he'll help you dial in your xr to its best.

I thought equal length exhaust headers only mattered on multi-cylinders. That way you have equal pressure on each cylinder. With having just one cylinder the exhaust would equal itself out. Could someone explain this otherwise. Thanks, Tony

^that may be true but I just hate the header pressed up against the frmae RIGHT where the oil is-plus it hit my edlebroch because its the Powerbomb mid-pipe so its even bigger there

anyone know where to buya Remus?

Similar systems: -CRD (France) :headers and can separate,strong and well made.I had the headers in combo with a Leo X3 can. Very nice power. :thumbsup:

- EVO (from Monnier-Swiss made): complete system,very light(0.8 mm steel,hydro formed headers) and well made.I have one on my bike now.More mid/top-end than the CRD/Leo combo.Less low end.

- Doma (Belgium):made to work with a HRC kit.

Honda did both over the years with the XR600. In 88-90 they ran equal length headers to the muffler. Then in 91 they went back to the more unequal length header into the collector next to the cylinder. I believe the reason is to create more swirl in the combustion chamber which in turn allows for more complete combustion of the air-fuel mixture.

Big Gun has almost equal lengh header pipes, the left one is a litle bit longer but they fit behind the frame as they should. Big Gun are wide open so i dont think you have to worry about diferent lengh header pipe.

The one in the picture is CRD header pipe, with that you half to worry about burning your fingers when you choke or adjust the idle speed.

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