2006 YZ450 Questions forvertically challenged

Do the Vertically challenged find the YZ accommodating? Touching the ground?

yea i have a hard time, im 5'6" and i have to get both my 06 450 and my 250 lowered, im only goin a half an inch, that should do it

Last weekend I sat on the all five '06 450's and '05 YZ450 for comparisons, no sag was set for my weight 185, 5'8" w/ 30" inseam--here's my impressions.

'06 CRF, SX and YZ similar seat heights, much lower than my '04 YZ450 and the 05 YZ450 show room model. KXF seating height taller than the '05 YZ450. The RMZ tall like the 05 YZ.

I've narrowed down my search to YZ, RMZ and CRF.

Stormracing.com makes a lowering link

I am 5'8"-5'9" with a 30" inseam. The new YZ is really good for me, especially coming from an 04 WR. :thumbsup: I did shave my seat just a hair. With my boots on I can touch both sides at the same time. :thumbsup:

I just found a company today that also makes lowering links for the vertically challenged that is local to me, check out www.mountainmotorsports.biz :thumbsup:

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