I need a new back tire. Which to buy??

Michelin X-11 Trials tire.

Worth every penny IMO.

Yes I run that on my other wheels! Got to have the best of both worlds! :thumbsup:

I seen a guy with a Pirelli, it looked okay, but it didn't have any rim protection. The bead was flush with the rim. Thats why I like Dunlops, the side wall sticks out about an 1/8th inch wider than the rim.

I have plenty of pertection with the rear its the front I keep killing my rim so I run a little more air so it doesn't bottom out against my rim.

Want absolutly knarly, get a teraflex but only the USA 140 version not the 150 China junk version, want a normal sized(120 - 110) all around good combo stick with the Perrellis or even better, I run the Maxxis Desert ITS and they are probley the best overall and wear like iron, I dual sport and the maxxis holds up better than anything i have ever baught. I got them from Rocky mountain, front and back with shipping for $90. :bonk:

I agree, I'm running the same Maxxis out here in the desert around Vegas, but go to Flagstaff to do a lot of Dual-sport riding, it has been great, over 800 miles on it and it still works and wears great. I tried the Kenda's, and dunlops, nothing wears as good. hope this helps a little. :thumbsup:

Matt :thumbsup:


The USA 140 Tera Flex.

I couldn't help but laugh when I opened the box. This thing is enormous!

I hope it is as awesome as it looks.

My buddies was a huge POS, one ride in the mountains and done: chunked out. Others have said theirs held up well. Let us know how yours does will you. Thanks. :worth

Sorry, I was thinking of the China 150. The 140 is far superior to its newer, cheaper counterpart. You got the good one.

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