Sheared Rear Sprocket Bolts?

had anyone had experience w/sheared rear sprocket bolts? any problems w/bolts backing out at all? tips/tricks re: properly installing the bolts is appreciated. thx, forum....

Yes my rear sprocket bolts were loose, even though they are locking it is good to check them.

hey bob are you ready to ride yet. this friday east valley(afternoon). or saturday. e-mail me at



not yz timmed yet

some mods

RSK and I recently had the extreme displeasure of watching one of our YZ250 brothers completely shatter a hub, destroy a chain wheel and chain guide coming off a 3ft terrace in a pasture. He had never checked the bolt torque in a year of riding....It caught up to him in a very expensive way...

Bonzai :)

If you are ever in a pinch and you lose one a nylon wire tie works well for an emergenct to get you back to your truck. Not a small one though. Use a big thick one. Of course this is if you lose one or two bolts.


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Add my 250 F to the list,

luckily they were only starting to get loose, and yes I checked them several times before.

I retightened with a different type of "Locktite", let's see if that works.

Make sure you are not adjusting your chain too tight, putting extra pressure on the sprocket. mike

good thought, mike. thx to all for your input....bobwombat

Yes, When I first got my 01 426 I started going through rear sprocket bolts. The first 2 that sheared I blamed on myself for not checking the tightness. The second 2 I found right after they sheared to find a ring of rust on the core of the bolt. I am convinced that there must have been a defective batch of bolts produced. I now have replaced all my sprocket bolts and have over 2000kms on them trouble free.


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