Help. yz426 2000 ,good year ?

Im looking at a 2000 model yz 426 thats in very good condition... anything I should be looking out for?.. maybe hold out for another model year? thanks !! :thumbsup:

Hi xr,

I just bought a 2001 wr 426 and have been doing research on it for a couple weeks. One thing I found is there isn't much difference between the yz and wr. Another thing I have found is there are alot of people who really love this bike, and have read nothing but good reviews on it. Its got it all, super power, great suspension, and very reliable.

In fact, I would say the bike is gonna go down in the hall of fame :thumbsup:

Again I'm just going off of my research, not my personal experience as I only have alittle over an hour riding time.

It is what it is! If it's in your price range and good shape go for it! I dont recall any "issues" with the YZF's

I have a 2000 426 that I bought used and have had it for about 3 years now. I haven't had one issue. Obviously inspect the bike closely and ask what type of maintenance has been performed over the years and if any major parts have been replaced.

Some of the issues with the 2000 426 were a grabby clutch (Fixed with the 01 Clutch parts) and a woodruff key (crank key) issue. To my knowledge neither the clutch or key on mine has had any problems.

It all comes down to price and condition of the bike. There are alot of good deals out there and you may even be able to come up with something newer for the same $$'s :thumbsup:

The 00 is a great year. I've owned mine since new and I have absolutely zero complaints about it. The 01 clutch update is a good upgrade. When they first came out, there were stories of exploding hubs and clutch baskets, but I haven't had any problems or heard anything about it in forever. The CB key was an issue for some... never for my bike. The other thing you need to read up on is the GB/BK mod and make sure to buy an 01 jet needle, OBEKR I believe, it's much better than the stock 00 needle. Check the bike for major signs of damage/repair and talk to the previous owner, and if it all checks out enjoy the new ride!

I had an 2000 and it was awsome. I changed the oil after every 3 rides regardless of the time spent on the bike. Not 1 problem. To turn better I shortened the chain as much as it would go and used an o ring chain so it wouln't stretch keeping the rear tire in the same spot. I do know of two people who have seized the bottom end on the same year but-they were seized being ridden by the same guy who liked to rev way to high. That bike does not need to be reved you can chug it an still fly. I also know that those bikes were not very well maintained as my bike was. Buy the bike - you will be very happy.

My only complaint with the '00 426 is it's too fast, scans the terrain to help soak up the bumps, when riding in open terrain it only gets about 50mpg, and my kick leg is becoming atrophy because it starts so easily. :thumbsup:



I got one last spring and it is great. It starts perfect for me, unless I stall it before warming it up. I rode long and hard last season on sand, track and trails and I didn't have one complaint. Of course I'm going to get an 06' as soon as I can afford one, but I'll always love my 00'.

I bought mine about a week ago. It needed a few parts and some tlc but I love it. I just rebuilt the carb last night b/c it was running a little lean. I put it back together, installed a new plug, turned on the gas, found the compression stroke and bam, it started first kick. I haven't ridden it much yet but come march 5th, we're going to get real famaliar on a 90 mile Enduro. I'd go for it, the only down side I can see is too much power but, that's just from reading all the whining on the forum. I def. post when I get done with the race and let you know how it did.

...found the compression stroke...

If you like the bike now, install an 03 cam and a Thunder Alley pipe and you'll LOVE it. Hands down the best $ you can spend on a 426 is an 03 cam, followed by the TA pipe.

Sounds Great, Where would you recommend that I purchase it at a reasonable price?

just the 03 exhaust cam i assume?

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