06 450 what chain for it 520 oring xring standand type

for it 520 oring xring standand type

I put a Renthal O-Ring on my 06. Works fine.

Regina ORN...

I did an RK and the bike has done a good job of stretching it so if I had to do it again I would go with the Renthal R3.

Did 520 Ert2

did x ring

Regina ORN O-ring, or the upgrade ZRH "Z" ring (lip seals instead of O-rings for less drag and better sealing, same idea as the X ring). The Renthal R1 and R3 chains are in fact made by Regina, but they cost more with the Renthal name on them. The chains give fantastic service when you treat them half way right, and they run a bit more freely than the DID, from my experience.

Go a third of the way down This Page This guy is a TT member and it's a great deal on the chain.

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