spark arrestor

Whats the best spark arrestor for the stock muffler on a 04 yz450.

I've been hearing good things about the QP spark arrestor available from Purely Custom


I have a Pro Moto Billet on my '03 450. It states that it is USFS certified, so i guess that is good enought.

PRO MOTO BILLET !!! hands down the best for your stock muffler.

All they do is drill the rivets off your current tip and replace it with a neat new one. You can also remove the silencer or spark arrestor with a wrench whenever you feel like it.

best buy!

How much do they run ?

ProMotoBillet makes one, Dr. D (dubach racing) makes one, and there are others.

How much do they run ?

Dr. D sells them in the 90.00 range.

PMB's are $125 now, the QP runs $150, not sure about the Dr. D. The QP is funny looking, but they are 96dB without an insert and they actually increase performance- their web site has a dyno run on (I think) an 05 YZ 450 with the QP as compared to a stock pipe. Right now I'm torn between the QP and the PMB for my 06, but I may just say screw it and order up a Thunder Alley slip-on and save myself the trouble of having to do it later.

I put a pro moto on my 06 and my sons 05. It is weird. It really quited down my sons 05 but did'nt really seem to make as much difference on my o6. But my neighbors and the forrest service appreciate it.

Whats the best spark arrestor for the stock muffler on a 04 yz450.

I've got an FMF Q on my 03, that works good, doesn't screw up the power and was cheap.

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