Check this out.

Did you see new site. Go to it and click on the teraflex 140/80-18 and check the Watch Video. :thumbsup:

those knobbies are huge

Yeah the 140 size is a 20lb tractor of a tire! Talk about flywheel! :thumbsup: If you are not racing and have a big bore they are fantastic hill climbing tires. Rocks, roots, loose dirt. They just plain hook up but they can only corner so much before the side knobs just give way predictably. The rubber compound is very soft. and you can run them without air in mud. Get the 140 it is more durable then the Cheng Shin copy 150 size. :thumbsup:

Mine arrived yesterday. I couldn't help but laugh when I opened the box. These things are enormous! Its like a huge wall of knobs!

Hopefully it works as awesome as it looks.

Got the USA version from M&H. They were quick and easy to work with.

The thing to remember is to run the monster at low pressures between 12 and 6 psi for off roading. 18 - 24 psi for road work. :thumbsup:

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