Wish you would have bought 250?

Hey I am in the market for a new bike and I don't know if I want the WR450 but I'm not sure the wr250 will have as much power as I want. I am currently riding an 84 XR350. I was just wondering if any of you wish you would have gotten the WR250 instead?


You really want a 450! unless you are 150 lbs forget the 250. :thumbsup:

Amen to that 5'8" 180 and the 450 fits like a tall glove to me.

I'll don't know if I'll be any help but my WR is my first bike. My last 3 atv's were a LT500R-CGR Motor, Krank-It 250R, Banshee with pipes and other stuff. They all had around between 50-60 hp and I raced them MX. I don't know what the WR has but all stock its not bad. I weighed about 220 till I got rid of my Banshee and now I weigh around 250 2 years and 3 carrier changes latter. Thats why I got the 450. A 250 would probably be good enough with a few things done. I saw where the 250F MX bikes were getting around 37 hp stock. If you can get the WR 250 up to that, I'd think that would be plenty.

There are times when I wish I had a 250, but that is few and far between only really tight single track makes me wish that, but I have become used to the 450 and would not trade it for anything.

I tell my friends that you can always use less power than you have but never more than you have.

Yup, I wish i would have got a 250. I have a 426 and weighing in at only high 130's, i ride it rather than control it. and when it goes down, a whole different story. But the 426 is fun on straigh open ground.

220 lbs. No way I'd go to a 250.

To me the 450 corners like a truck. It feels like, and is a big bike. Guys on motocross 250s blow me away in the corners. But in the straights it's no contest. The 450 wins hands down. I like the 450 and am learning more about how to ride it every time I go out. I would ride them both if you can before you make a decision.

a 250 2 stroke is not a fair comparison to handling of a WR250. The WR250 and WR450 handle very similarily but both are much different than a 2 smoke. :thumbsup:

I have a 99 WR 400 and wish I had a 250 but I ride really tight eastern single track with very knarly obsticales. The bike really beats the crap out of me when trying to hang with my buddy's on WR 250's exc 200's, 300's and CRF 250's. I can keep up but I get more of a work out with my bike. I'll swap with one of my friends and they can't waite to get off my bike. Unless you got the room to ride

and you are not a fatty the bigbore can be a handfull.

I am 210 lbs and have had my 250 for 3 years. It has had enough power for the places I ride. I wouldn't really want more for singletrack riding. I have been on a 450 from time to time and it takes more work in the tight stuff but as said before, the 450 shines when it opens up.

I had a WR426 and due to the extra weight, thought that maybe I should have bought a WR250. That is until I rode one. They handle a little better, seem a little lighter but feel like they've got no balls IMO. I would have been extremely disappointed with one had I bought it. FWIW, I'm 5'7" and around 165 lbs.

I think it also depends on how aggressively you ride. I had to absolutely flog a 250F to even come close to hanging with the guys I normally beat on the trails.

I went back to a 2-stroke for now and I'm looking for a big thumper for the high speed, wide open stuff.

I think the fun of the 250 is that you CAN flog it. It's a blast to ride. I can't flog a 450 without getting my butt kicked.. :thumbsup: The 450 is great on the wide open stuff. I'd love to have one, but am happy with my WR250. My buddy LT ('06 WR450) traded off with my son (01' WR250 yz'd out) and every time we stopped he just kept saying how bitchin the thing handled. All said though, I think he prefered the 450. My son still likes his 250. I think it depends on what you're after with a bike. Try riding both. The 250 is flickable. I wouldn't call the 450 flickable, but I would call it ballsy.

I was just wondering if any of you wish you would have gotten the WR250 instead?


Only when I am picking it off the ground. :thumbsup:

450 here and haven't looked back - except to see some guys on 250's revving the guts out of them ... get the 450, learn how to ride it and have a blast doing it !!

I really enjoy the single track, however, I am never in that much of a hurry. It is rare that I ride agressively. I can lug in 3rd or 4th at a pretty comfortable pace on my 450.

Going up hills, is easy. I put it in second and slow down. I spend more time worrying about my line instead of momentum. That what the power does.

When turning, I am on the clutch a little while pulling out of the turns. It is really easy for the rear wheel to break loose.

I'm a solid 5-9 and 200lbs. I don't find the 450 heavy. I find it a little tall. That wouldn't change on the 250.

I am always curious about other bikes. I'd like to own a 250 as well as the 450, but wouldn't change unless I had to.

After getting used to the power of a 450 it would totally suck to go to a 250F. So many times I have found myself in not quite the right gear, and the power has got me out of troube. Not to mention hillclimbs, wide open single track and pulling 4th gear wheelies at 50mph. :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

The horsepower rush is a REALLY fun feature that the 250 just can't deliver like a big bore. If you like the capability to nail adrenaline-rich 3rd gear power wheelies that can just absolutely make you smile big-time, there is no choice.

If I lived on the East coast I would entertain the idea of a 250. Since I'm out west it's all about the big motor..

had a 250 (xr). it was great to 'serve an apprenticeship on' but my 400 is just right coming from that.

i sometimes would like a 250, but not as much as i'd want my 400 if was on a 250????i think that makes sense.

two old sayings come to mind

'horses for courses', pick your bike based on the use it will get.

'You cant have your cake and eat it too', but i think the 450 is as close as you'll get to the best of both worlds...

hope that helps?

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