Wish you would have bought 250?

I have heard that the best of both worlds is a 250 with a big bore kit. :thumbsup:

That 84 Honda XR350 does not have that great of a engine compared to the new 4 strokes. I have a old 83 KDX200 (2-Stroke) that was faster then my buddies 84 XR350. I would think that you would notice better acceleration with a newer WR250 that has at least the free mod updates over your old XR. Handling would be a huge improvement due to better suspension and lighter weight. I weigh 200lbs. and have a WR400 and love the power but do wish it was more toss able in the tight single track.

If you could ride both size of bikes that would be ideal to help you decide. If you don't ride the tight stuff as much as the more open two tracks then you will want the bigger 4 stroke for sure. Hope my two cents worth helps.

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